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Top 5 Residential Energy Storage Options

According to Electricians northshore and other commercial Electricians Auckland energy consumption is a serious issue as it is directly affecting your pocket after all. You need to be very picky when getting energy storage option for your residence as it will affect you and the world in several ways. You can take the help of Residential Electricians northshore or if you reside in Auckland then go for Residential Electricians Auckland to help you choose the best of five options listed below.  First of these will save the energy resources and second of that space on your electricity bill. Many of the houses have already converted to the solar power option now what are you waiting for?

Get your home converted to solar and choose any of the top five residential storage options.

If you are wondering that how the residential batteries store electricity then they basically get the power stored through the solar energy.

These batteries can be easily used at nights or days as per your requirement.

Installation Of Tesla By Electricians Auckland:

Remember that Tesla batteries are far popular storage option. If you are wondering that how much a single battery store then they store the energy up to 14kwh. Though by the guidance of electricians Auckland you have the option of linking 10 batteries parallel to it for making a single unit. Tesla is also in the market of selling roof shingles which exactly looks like a roof.

Installation Of Mercedes-Benz By Electricians Auckland:

Mercedes is the rival of Tesla batteries. Remember that it is not just the rival but it has the potential to beat Tesla batteries. They are the German automakers which basically follows tesla. As an average, the Mercedes batteries are capable of storing about 2.5 kWh. There are several other units that can be combined to give a 20kwh power. If you are wondering that what will be the price of storing a largest storage then it will cost you about $ 13000 for the installation through this company.

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Installation Of Nissan By Electricians Auckland:

Nissan is also a decent option to consider when weighing the storage options. You need to realize that it will cost you up to $4500 which is relatively a cheaper option. This is the price of the installation of the substantial battery.

Installation Of Bmw:

The other storage option is the BMW. They offer batteries which can store about 22 kWh or 33kwh. You can choose the value accordingly. This company loves the substantial approach thus they go for reusing the batteries.

Installation Of Sonnen:

Last option to consider but not the least is Sonnen. Again like Mercedes, it is a German company. They sell out a lot of cells with 16 kWh storage. The version of storage which stores up to 4 kWh generally cost to $5950.

Remember that if you are interested in eco compact battery then Sonnen is generally not the best option. This company has higher aspirations and it is looking for expansion.

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