What Is The Right Way To Painting The Exterior Of The House

If you are tired off searching and you haven’t found the right solution of painting the house then this article has got you covered, as this will present to you a detailed guide which will make sure that this time all goes right. Painting the exterior is not an easy job as after all you will be investing your time and money into it. You need to realize that there are proper steps which if you will do then you can be assured of the right way. So get started in the right way by following these easy steps.

Prior Cleaning By Exterior House Painters

You can’t just start painting without preparing the surface which is very vital. Realize there can be several things on the walls like dirt and debris. There can be microscopic elements which you are unable to observe through your naked eyes so in that case, it is really important that you get started the right way. Make the exterior house painters use pressure washer and remove all the dirt and dust. You have to start from the bottom of the house and then through the top. Control the manner in which you will be applying the coat making sure that there is no overlap. You need to see if an overlap is there then it should be not greater than 8 inches.

Damage Repair By Exterior Roof Painters Auckland

Get the repairing of the surfaces first and don’t think that your paint will hide the entire flaw. There are several fillers by you can fill your cracks with. When the filler will get dry then it is your responsibility to get the sand.

Removal Of Paint

You really need to wait for the exterior to get dry and see if there is any paint which chips away. You need to place the clothes to the ground before chipping away the loose paint in the right manner for the cleanliness purposes. You can make use of a scraper which is a proper tool as it allows an easy removal.

Trimming By Exterior Roof Painters Auckland

You need to get your gaps filled which are at the trim of your doors and this can be done using the caulk gun.

Use Of Prime

You need to carefully observe the exterior of the house for the stains. if you notice the stains then it is your responsibility to apply the coat of a primer over the area with the paintbrush.

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Protection Of Doors

Before actually getting started to make sure that your doors and windows are protected by the plastic sheets.

Exterior Painting

You need to load the paint inside the sprayer then according to the density apply the coats. Be smooth and make sure you work from the top to bottom.

Painting Doors By Exterior Roof Painters Auckland

It is your responsibility to get rid of the plastic sheet and then over the woodwork apply two layers of the semi-glossed paint color.

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