How Long Should I Wait to Paint New Plaster?

There is no hole of doubt that newly painted ceiling will be wet once painted by the house painter. Thus it is exceedingly vital that you lend a proper time to the ceiling for drying. It is most common yet most important question which people often ask in Auckland about the drying time the ceiling will take. There is a different time which walls and ceilings take to completely dry out, so house painters Auckland can’t generalize the scenario in Auckland. The factors like humidity and temperature affect greatly how much time a wall will take to dry out, plaster normally takes about up to 4 weeks in order to dry out but only in the case of centrally heated house else the time period can stretch from 5 to 6 weeks.

Why house painter waits for the walls to dry?

There are several reasons which will stop you from painting the wall immediately after the plaster is applied. The newly painted walls create a layer of air over the wall. If you immediately apply the new coat then the moistures from the new plaster will remain packed under the paint and as it will be trapped it won’t find any way out to be evaporated. The moisture will surely do the harm and let the growth of the mold beneath. The moisture won’t only create this problem but it will also react with the salt, creating the further problems.

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Consequences of Painting Before the Plaster Dry Up

The problems which a not dried plaster will create will stick with you in a long run. There are certain cases where will you will feel the need for painting the wall before it consumes an adequate to dry up. But remember in those cases the painters use the special type of plaint from the market and never go on without them. Such paints are special and as they have different properties. The paint is microporous that means it will surely allow the new coat to dry out. Such paints are higher in demand thus easily available in local stores. This is plus point as they allow the paint to breathe properly.

The oil-based paint unlike microporous own a thick consistency, they are dense thus takes more time to dry out. You must know that before making use of the paint, you should have to scan through the instructions carefully.

Damp wall Treatment

You must have questioned yourself that how long you should wait but sometimes the wall remains damp even after the six weeks. In such cases, many house painters Auckland recommends you shouldn’t wait for it to dry up but remove the plaster over the wall. Get the wall in the state of bricks and render waterproof before again for plastering. This method will make sure you get rid of dampness and you are all good to go for recoating. This may not be the quick fix but it surely will help you in long run.

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